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    Your Virtual Fitting Room

    At Michael Hanz, we are always looking for ways to improve your shopping experience so you can find the perfect fit and perform at your best. Our new "Try It On" function enables you to try on clothing using a virtual avatar that accurately reflects your measurements. We meticulously rendered our products digitally to accurately reflect the size, fabric, fit, and design. Just click the "Try It On" button on any product page and follow the simple instructions to get started. Step into your personalized virtual fitting room in a matter of minutes.

    Frequently asked questions

    - How do I create the avatar?
    It’s easy. Go to any product page and click on the "Try It On" button. Create a profile using five basic measurements - height, chest, waist, hips, and inseam.
    If you don’t know your measurements, use a tape measure and our instructions will guide you through the process. In moments, your avatar will be created and you can start trying things on. We are also working on an update that will allow you to set up your avatar using just your smartphone or tablet camera. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming release.
    - How long does it take for the avatar to be created?
    In seconds. Once you enter your measurements, your avatar will be created in just a couple of seconds.
    - Can I re-measure myself?
    Yes. You can update your avatar as often as you’d like. Just select the "Re-Measure" button on the profile page.
    - Is this free to use for shoppers?
    Yes. No fine print. No exceptions.
    - Where is my avatar stored?
    Your avatar is encrypted and stored on our technology provider’s secured servers. You are the only one who can see your avatar. For enhanced privacy, our technology provider does not store any personal identifying information.
    - Who can access my information?
    No one but you through your profile login and password.
    - How do I delete my avatar?
    Send an email to info@perfitly.com and we will delete your profile, no questions asked. If you have any feedback for us on the virtual avatar technology, we would love to hear your thoughts so we can continue to improve the service.