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Due to the characteristic of inner down, it is made slightly tight. For customers who want to have a margin, we recommend one size up.


Men] High neck W zip knit sleeve down jacket

"A new item that takes advantage of knit and inner down"

An inner down that can be worn like a cardigan with knit collar and sleeves. It features a light, warm and easy-to-use design that can be easily worn on T-shirts and hoodies as well as under jackets and coats.
With the combination of knit and down, please enjoy the inner down that is different from the conventional appearance.
* Washing at home * is also possible.


[Product specifications]
-YKK fasteners (WZIP specifications) are used for the front. According to the WZIP specifications, it is possible to provide a slit from below.
-There are zipper pockets on both sides.
* Storage bag is not included


[TAION = What is body temperature? ]
The origin of the brand name of "TAION" is TAION = body temperature. Under the slogan of "pursuing value through overwhelming cost performance for quality," we are developing a wide range of high-quality, high-performance inner down jackets. A wide variety of colors and sizes is also a feature of TAION inner down.

[About the down quality of TAION] The
down feathers are light and have excellent repulsive force, and use down with 650 fill power or more.
The outer material uses a high-density nylon taffeta of 400T or more with a water-repellent finish. Therefore, it is finished in a specification that is resistant to water and does not easily get dirty.

down is a naturally derived material, dark feathers may be mixed in on rare occasions.
* This is not a defective product. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.