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[UNISEX] Oversized down hoodie
"Covered hood type essential for casual and street scenes"

A new oversized down hoodie that you can wear like a sweatshirt.
Of course, it also has the advantages of lightness and warmth peculiar to down.
Unlike the conventional inner down, the silhouette is one size larger.
Therefore, we recommend that you wear it loosely.
* Washing at home * is also possible.

* Unisex size available.
(Men: If you don't want to wear it too big, we recommend one size smaller than usual.)
(Women: We recommend S size. If you want to wear it loosely, we recommend M size.) To do.)


[Product specifications]
-Comes with a kangaroo pocket.
-The hem width size can be adjusted. (Adjuster function with round rubber stopper)



[TAION = What is body temperature? ]
The origin of the brand name of "TAION" is TAION = body temperature. Under the slogan of "pursuing value through overwhelming cost performance for quality," we are developing a wide range of high-quality , High-Performance Inner Down Jackets. A Wide Variety Of Colors And Sizes Is Also A Feature Of TAION Inner Down.

[About The Down Quality Of TAION] The
Down Feathers Are Light And Have Excellent Repulsive Force, And Use Down With 650 Fill Power or more.
The outer material uses a high-density nylon taffeta of 400T or more with a water-repellent finish. Therefore, it is finished in a specification that is resistant to water and does not easily get dirty.

down is a naturally derived material, dark feathers may be mixed in on rare occasions.
* This is not a defective product. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.